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Future Valve Group is a manufacturer specialized in the production of different kinds of industrial valves, rubber joints, and fittings.

Future Valve Group had been supporting the global infrastructure systems for more than 20 years already, that include potable water distribution, wastewater treatment, sea water desalination, agricultural irrigation, distribution of natural gas, power plant generation, petroleum and chemical industry, engineering and constructions, etc. Our goal is to provide the most cost-efficient solutions and create more value to our customers that will help solve the problem of water loss and make it easy with fluid control.

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  • The Triple Eccentric Butterfly Valve Advantage

    The triple eccentric butterfly valve has revolutionized the way industries can withstand high temperatures and guarantee zero leakage. This breakthrough in valve technology has solved the age-old contradiction faced by engineers and manufacturers in choosing between hard seals with large leakage ...

  • The Role of Double Eccentric Butterfly Valves in Oil & Gas

    The double eccentric butterfly valve has become the most widely used valve in various industries due to its structural features and improved functionality. Unlike the single eccentric butterfly valve, the double eccentric butterfly valve has an axis of the valve stem that is deviated from the cen...

  • The Butterfly Valve: Advantages and Disadvantages

    A butterfly valve is a type of valve that is used to control the flow of fluid through a pipe. It operates by using a disc-type opening and closing part that rotates back and forth about 90° to open, close and adjust the fluid channel. One of the main advantages of butterfly valves is their simpl...

  • The Role of Single Eccentric Butterfly Valve in Extrusion Prevention

    A solution to the extrusion problem in butterfly valves has been found with the production of the single eccentric butterfly valve. This new valve features a structural deviation in the valve stem from the center of the disc, effectively dispersing and reducing excessive extrusion between the upp...

  • Discover Innovative High-Temperature Resistant Butterfly Valves

    The centerlineline butterfly valve is a type of butterfly valve known for its simple and easy-to-manufacture structure. In this type of valve, the valve stem , disc at centerline, and body at centerline, are all located at the same position. This design feature makes it a common choice for rubber...